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Community schooling is more than a set of school practices. It is a collective story of building, learning, and bridging.
This blog highlights the stories of community schooling.

What is a Community School?

Get to know some of the folks behind the UCLA Community Schools:

The Story of Mann UCLA Community School

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Latest Posts

  • Opportunities for Family Involvement
    One of the most important aspects that sets a community school apart from other schools is our commitment to include parents, families, and community members in our school community. Read more…
  • Mann UCLA CS 2019-20 Annual Report: Preparing Active & Critical Participants in Society
    We are pleased to release the annual report for Mann UCLA CS. Thanks to our partnership with UCLA, we have a wonderful team of researchers and storytellers who have compiled a detailed account of our accomplishments from the 2019-2020 school year.
  • An Interview with Mr. Arbin Lubiano
    Educators have emerged as universally recognized heroes of this pandemic. Schools and teachers have been rightfully lauded for their tireless work transitioning their learning online, ensuring all students have access to the necessary technology, and helping students engage with new forms of learning. Yet, somewhat lost in the broader conversation about the transformation of learning during this crisis have been … Read more
  • An Interview with the Principal
    We will be highlighting direct interviews with members of the Mann-UCLA family in addition to highlighting the community schooling practices that are being built at Mann. Today, we caught up with Mr. Johnson to hear his perspective on why Mann-UCLA Community School is uniquely positioned to respond to the COVID-19 crisis effectively. In these times of crisis, we are prioritizing … Read more
  • Building a Virtual Community School
    Checking in with Each Other In the first formal week of launching the virtual classrooms during the outbreak, the Mann-UCLA Community School family has prioritized checking in with each other above all else. In difficult and uncertain times like these, the Mann community has come to realize that two simple questions must be the starting point for everything else: “How … Read more

Meet the Author

Dr. Ung-Sang Lee believes that educational equity is built only when community stakeholders collaboratively address the most important educational problems. At Mann, he hopes to form partnerships between school educators, students, families, community members, and university researchers to help build a community school that is truly rooted in the community.