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Anime Club→

High school students can join our anime club where we will watch anime, learn how to draw anime characters, and discuss and celebrate all things anime!

Join our club meeting every Tuesday from 3:30-5pm in room 144.

Club Sponsors: Ms. Contreras & Ms. Tieu

Student Leaders: Ashley Hernandez, Marcus Connelly

Beautification Committee→

You just can’t hide, that Panther Pride! Help make our school more beautiful every week. We started off as a gardening club and now we are doing so much more!

Join our club meeting every Monday from 3:30-5pm in room 201.

Club Sponsors: Mr. Amelio & Ms. Morales

Chess Club→

Checkmate! Want to learn how to checkmate your opponent and gain strategic skills not only in this game but also in life? Or maybe you just want to have fun with your friend. Then, join our Chess club!

Chess Club is going virtual! Check out the club page for more information on how to sign up.

Club Sponsor: Ms. T

heART Beats →

If you like to express yourself, or are looking for creative ways to express yourself, this program is for you! From journaling to art projects, heART Beats is a place to reflect on REAL LIFE TOPICS while participating in discussions and doing hands on activities.

To sign up, visit Ms. Kushon or email her at

Join our club meeting every Monday from 3:30-5:00pm in room 141.

Club Sponsor: Ms. Kushon

Movie Club →

Watch your favorites and discover new films with the Movie Club!

Join us every Thursday after school in Room 142.

Club Sponsor: Ms. Venkatesh

Student Leader: 

Panther eSports→

Mann UCLA is starting an eSport team. If you love gaming and playing League of Legends, this is the space for you!

To help us get started, please visit our page to fill out a survey that will help us get gaming equipment for you all.

Club Sponsor: Mr. Nguyen

Panther Robotics→

Want to learn coding and make robots? Join our Robotics team!

Join our club meeting every Thursday from 3:30-5pm in room 144.

Club Sponsors: Ms. Kushon & Ms. Tieu

Student Leader: Jesse Preciado

Soccer Club

Join us after soccer season ends! Grades 6-12 are welcome to play together from March to June. EVERYBODY and ALL skill levels are welcome! Soccer club is a place for us to play together for fun.

Keep the soccer going all year long!

Club Sponsors: Mr. Delgadillo

Student Leader: Wilson Salguero


#studentsdeserve @ Mann UCLA Community School is a chapter of #studentsdeserve. Students Deserve is working towards Making Black Lives Matter in Schools.  

Middle school meets every other Tuesday in room C-242 during advisory. High school meets every other Thursday in room C-141 during advisory.

Club Sponsors: Ms. Nguyen (high school) & Ms. T (middle school)