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The UCLA Connection

Our relationship and proximity with UCLA provides our students with access to one of the richest educational resources in the nation. The Mann UCLA Community School engages UCLA students, staff and faculty from across campus units to create meaningful learning opportunities that extend learning opportunities and scholarship for our students, families and educators.

For the 2019-2020 academic year, the Mann UCLA Community School faculty will partner with university faculty to enhance learning experiences in the areas below.

  • Mentoring, Tutoring and Academic Supports
  • STEM Programs
  • Sports, Fitness and Wellness Programs
  • Music, Performing and Visual Arts Education Programs
  • Extended Learning Opportunities
  • Mental and Health Services


As a site for public service, the Mann UCLA Community School provides many opportunities for faculty, staff, and students to serve our students, assist teachers, and contribute to the local community.

UCLA Summer Institute

This summer we will launch our signature Summer Institute in partnership with LAUSD’s Extended Learning Opportunities Program, where UCLA undergraduates, graduates and professionals will contribute approximately 13,500 hours of service, serving 100 students to engage in a free full-day, 7-week summer youth program.

During the summer experience youth will engage in a 7-day residential UniCamp experience at Camp River Glen to enjoy sailing, mountain biking, rock climbing, hiking and team building with their Mann UCLA Community School peers.

UCLA Contributions

Spring 2020: UCLA Graduate School of Education and Information Studies (GSEIS) held a fundraiser to support Mann UCLA students during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Summer 2019: Mann UCLA students had a blast at UCLA UniCamp!

Summer 2018: Mann UCLA students participate in a workshop at the UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television.

2016-2017: University Engagement