Advancing Public Education. Together.

The Mann UCLA Community School is committed to working with the community to improve our school and provide our students with additional resources and support in the ways below.


Marketing & Outreach: Share inspiring stories across a variety of communication medias to highlight progress.

Talent: Support efforts to recruit, onboard, develop and retain staff.

Research & Evaluation: Implement evaluation models to ensure that programs and services are cost-effective, sustainable, data-driven and reflective of the best research findings available

Development & Fundraising: Aggressively pursue funding for programs, initiatives, and partnerships with a history of providing high quality services to students, educators and families.


We invite you to join and partner with us as we continue to pioneer and advance public education.


Partners & Visionaries

The Mann UCLA Community School and its programs are made possible thanks to the kind and generous support of the following:


Friends of UCLA Community School

This special group is made up of community members, friends, parents, and UCLA alumni that financially support programs and activities crucial for student success.

To support our cause, please visit this site:


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If you are interested in joining or would like to learn more, please contact:

Laura Lindberg
Executive Director, External Relations
Graduate School of Education and Information Studies

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Get Involved

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