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Welcome to the UCLA Mann Community School’s Community Resource page. Here is where you’ll find our Community Resource Directory and announcements about resources in our community.

Hello! My name is Tee Martin, and I’m the Wrap Around Service Coordinator here at UCLA Mann Community School. My role is building up Mann as a hub for all the resources our students and families need.

I’m passionate about linking members of the Mann community to the resources they need to thrive – whether it be a food bank, mental health clinic, affordable child care, legal assistance or whatever need may arise. I’m happy to help however I can, so please reach out via email or the Resource Referral Form below!   

Contact Information:

Community Resources Directory

The Community Resource Directory is a live database of local resources for Mann students, families, and staff to utilize to meet their needs. Each entry in the Directory includes a description of the resource, contact, information, flyers, directions, and more! The Directory will be actively updated by Mann’s Wrap Around Service Coordinator and is available for use by anyone in the community.

How to use the Community Resources Directory

Upcoming Community Events

Resource Referral Form

This form is for Mann community members (students, families, teachers, staff and neighbors) to request assistance from Mann’s Wrap Around Service Coordinator.

Examples of submissions:

  • You have questions about any of the resources posted on the Community Resource Directory
  • You need assistance accessing a resource
  • You don’t see a resource you need on the Community Resource Directory, and would like to request one gets added
  • You know of a resource that could be added to the Community Resource Directory