Mann UCLA Community School

November 2021 Updates, Updated 11/8

Hello Panther families!

Happy November! We are thankful for our students, their families, and our community!

Parent Meeting

Hear about Senior Activities, Graduation Details, the Black Student Achievement Plan, the Parent Teacher Student Association, and future Fundraiser and Parent Engagements.

Wednesday, November 15 at 5:30 PM

Zoom Code: 832 6061 9492

Escuche acerca de las actividades para los estudiantes de último año, los detalles de la graduación, el plan de logros de los estudiantes negros, la asociación de padres, maestros y estudiantes, y la futura recaudación de fondos y la participación de los padres.

Miércoles 15 de noviembre a las 5:30 p.m.

Zoom Código: 832 6061 9492

Make your voice heard: Fill out the LAUSD School Experience Survey

Families, students, and staff members can take their surveys online! It should take no more than 15 minutes. When the survey prompts you to select your school name, please select “Mann UCLA Comm Sch (7574).” Use the links below:

PURPOSE OF THIS SURVEY: Today you will be completing a survey about your experience at your child’s school. The information from this survey is used to help the school community learn how best to serve the needs of its members. As part of the school community, your opinions are important. All responses are confidential so no one from your child’s school will know how you responded. This survey is voluntary and there are no right or wrong answers to these questions.

Note: If you have more than one child at this school, please complete one survey only.

PROPÓSITO DE ESTA ENCUESTA: Hoy completará una encuesta sobre su experiencia en la escuela de su hijo. La información de esta encuesta se utiliza para ayudar a la comunidad escolar a aprender cómo servir mejor a las necesidades de sus miembros. Como parte de la comunidad escolar, sus opiniones son importantes. Todas las respuestas son confidenciales por lo que nadie de la escuela de su hijo sabrá cómo respondió usted. Esta encuesta es voluntaria y no hay respuestas correctas o incorrectas a estas preguntas.

Nota: Si tiene más de un hijo en esta escuela, complete una sola encuesta.

Vaccines for all Mann UCLA students (ages 12 and up)

As part of the Los Angeles Unified School District’s efforts to provide the safest possible environment in which to learn and work, all students 12 years old and older will be required to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 by January 10, 2022, unless they have a medical or other exemption. 

A proof of vaccination must be uploaded into the Los Angeles Unified’s Daily Pass system.

Read LAUSD’s statement on the vaccine requirement by clicking HERE.

The Pfizer vaccine has been approved for children ages 12 and up. The FDA has approved the vaccine for children 5 and up, with the CDC expected to follow suit this week.

The Pfizer vaccine requires 2 doses, so Dose 1 will be administered on November 3 and Dose 2 will be administered on December 1 at Mann UCLA Community School campus.

Dance and Party for Vaccinated Students! – November 18

Stress Management & Emotional Wellbeing Workshop Series for Parents/Caregivers

Vaccine Town Hall – November 4 on Zoom

Learn from Black and Latinx doctors who will talk about vaccinations and how they make our schools and communities healthy and safe. LAUSD officials will discuss the dire impact that students not getting vaccinated will have on learning in our secondary schools.

All students must be in full uniform everyday

Students should have the full Mann UCLA uniform. It is a requirement for all students to be wearing the uniform when at school. Middle school students wear gray polos and black pants. High school students wear black polos and black pants.

Polos, PE uniforms, cardigans, and sweater vests can be purchased from the school student store or at the main office whenever campus is open.

Polos are $20 each. If more than one polo is purchased, the price drops to $15 each.

Families, please join us for School Site Council Meeting – a space where your voice can be heard!

School Site Council is open to teachers, staff, families, students, and community members, making it a powerful space for all stakeholders to work together.

Responsibilities include making decisions on the school budget, school programs, and participating in governance meetings.

The meeting will take place on November 14 at 3:30 PM on Zoom. The Zoom Code is 838 1144 8983.

What to do if your student is in quarantine at home

Students and staff will continue to use LAUSD’s Daily Pass System:

Student & Family Checklist

  1. All students must complete a COVID Test to ensure that they are negative for COVID-19. Students at Mann will be tested on campus every Friday during the school day.

  2. Once a negative COVID-19 test result is confirmed, students need to go to to obtain a Daily Pass that will allow them on campus. Instructions for how to access Daily Pass are posted below.

  3. The Daily Pass contains a QR code that must be presented at our school entrance, before each school day.

  4. Students will arrive at school at 8:00 AM. Students will present their Daily Pass and get their temperature checked (contactless). Students must wear a mask the entire time they are on campus (except to drink water and during breakfast/lunch).

How to use LAUSD’s Daily Pass System

  • Students, parents and visitors will access the Daily Pass on any computer, tablet or mobile device at

  • Answer the daily health check questions (not more than a two-minute process!)
    • Do you agree to commit to the safest behaviors (wear face coverings, avoid inviting people into the home, minimize close physical contact) possible and in so doing, keeping the schools safer?
    • In the past 14 days have you not had any of the following symptoms:
      • Fever of 100 degrees or greater
      • Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
      • Chills
      • Fatigue (new or severe)
      • Any of the following not due to a chronic condition: cough, congestion, runny nose, muscle or body aches, headache, sore throat, nausea or vomiting, diarrhea, loss of taste or smell
    • Have you had close physical contact with anyone with the symptoms above, or a COVID-19 case?
    • Have you had a positive COVID-19 test in the past 14 days?
    • Have you traveled outside of Souther California in the past 10 days?
    • Are you under a quarantine or isolation order?

  • If the individual has recently tested negative for COVID-19 and completes the online health check, a QR code will be generated for that day and specific site location

  • School staff members dedicated to be “Welcomers” will be at every site to scan the QR code and take your temperature at the entrance.

Daily Pass Tutorials for Parents and Students